I know, I know that 2012 now seems like ages ago and most occurrences during that year have now become a thing of the past. It might not even seem timely to talk about something that happened almost three years back. What will continue to stick out for me from 2012 is The New York City Marathon.

The thing that captured my interest was how against all logic and reasoning the marathon was kept right on schedule. Super storm Sandy had hit the area just six days prior to the event and yet it did not prompt an immediate cancellation of the race.

I absolutely acknowledge the fact that the stakes are high with events of such magnitude, so they cannot be cancelled right off the bat. The cost-benefit analysis was poorly done by Mayor Bloomberg and NYRR in this situation. In the end,¬†sponsors did lose money,¬†local businesses lost sales and charities didn’t receive the support they anticipated. Most importantly, they also lost face which could’ve been easily avoided.

So venturing into the field of PR, what have I learned from this case?

Here are some of the lessons that I’ll always carry with me:

  • Disjointed communications does no good to anyone. In times of crisis, we¬†need to be more communicative and more organized.
  • It’s imperative to constantly communicate with the audiences through social media and other traditional means. We should not wait to say something until we know what to share.
  • Nothing at all (not even the New York City Marathon) can be put ahead of real life. Insensitivity in times of crisis does more harm than good.
  • No matter how bad the crisis may seem but there’s always a chance for saving face, as long as public statements are made in a timely manner.

Where I’m from…

I am from jasmine, from Nutella and cocoa beans.

I am from the house of whispers (discreet, intense with a nauseous smell).

I am from the helianthus, the wild sunflower, the sun and the shrubs, crown of thorns and the moon.

I am from keeping appearances and putting on a smile, from Tara‚Äô and Mo‚Äô and Sid’.

I am from the lies and deceit.

From introverts and the misfits.

I am from in between the agnostics and atheists, with a restless soul in search for answers.

I’m from the land of the unknown and the far off, multi-coloured lentils and rice.

From the solid rock my mom became to act as my shield, the treaties she signed on my behalf, and the father who gave up on his heart.

I am from lost faces, bedtime stories, journals filled with tears and the company they kept me in those hours of insanity!


Why is it so hard for most of us amazing women out there to love ourselves unconditionally? Yes, you heard it right, unconditional love starts from self just like charity begins at home. 

We get so consumed by constantly comparing ourselves to others that we end up losing a true sense of our existence. The bottom line, we all are far from being perfect and definitely one is not better than the other; the reason for it being the good, the bad and all in between making us who we are.  This means, we all are gifted with a thing or two that separates us from the crowd. 

The sooner we embrace our true selves, without the fear of being judged by others, the more beautifully and confidently we stand out to make our place in this world. 

There is no need to have fear of acceptance by others. No matter how we present ourselves in front of others, we cannot keep everyone happy. So, why stress over it, instead of focusing our energy on someone that matters i.e. us. 

Everything falls in its place the moment we learn to love ourselves. The only person we should be aspiring to be is a better version of ourselves. 

Being at a constant war with ourselves will not lead us towards any good and we’ll be caught up in this vicious cycle of self sabotage.¬†

True beauty makes its way out in the form of confidence, when a woman unapologetically refuses to be anyone but herself.

There’s no stopping you, once you begin flaunting your true self with all your fears laid to rest. You’ll attract only the people who genuinely¬†appreciate you for who you are and you shouldn’t have to worry about the other half. The world around you will forever change and the journey of pursuing your dreams will become more rewarding and satisfying.¬†


One Love! One Heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right.¬†~Bob Marley

I’m trying to be someone who is well-versed when it comes to current affairs and all that is happening around one. In the meantime, what I share today is my perspective on the topic with¬†my limited understanding of the complexity of the issue at hand.

I’m a Muslim, originating from one of the ill-fated Islamic states, whose name also ends in ‘tan.’ Unfortunately, the name¬†‘Pakistan’ itself carries with it a real stigma, which affects my generation in a frustrating way. Without personally giving much reason to do so, we’re constantly being defined by what it means to be a Muslim in today’s time and era.¬†

That being said, I’m not here to talk about how every terrorist ends up being a Muslim. I’m here to show how my generation of Muslims think and to ask, what exactly religion is all about and what separates a believer from a non-believer? Is this how we were meant to be divided or is it just an interpretation that we’ve chosen to abide by?¬†

Today, I speak for the Muslims in my generation who strongly believe in advocating universal love and respect for all. We judge others based on how they treat us and not on their race, creed or color. 

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love!);
There is one question I’d really love to ask (One Heart!):
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner,
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs? ~Bob Marley

We all are creations of the same God, even if our belief system forces us to have different perspectives on what our Creator is really like.   

My generation of Muslims, who understand that humanity is the basis of every religion out there, believes in ONE LOVE. We consider ourselves to be global citizens at the end of the day. 

As it was in the beginning (One Love!);
So shall it be in the end (One Heart!),
All right! ~Bob Marley

If only we could grasp the philosophy of how we’re ONE at the end of the day and the only trait that makes¬†us better than the other is the way¬†we choose to treat the ones around us, then we’ll truly experience the “power of one.”



As clich√©d as it may sound, but age is merely a way to represent the number of years you’ve existed on this planet. Why should it go as far as defining you as an individual or even the milestones you should have crossed with every passing birthday?

Simply put, why should it be treated any differently than any other number used for identification? In retail, an employee number is just a way to keep track of the employees. It’s just looked upon as a number and nothing more. You don’t get judged for having a specific number. You’re not expected to be at a certain position or level in a company just because you possess a¬†certain number. The same goes for many other numbers out there, like one’s social insurance or security number.


To begin with, who did even set such norms for us? More importantly, why are we living within the confinement of these norms and so-called “age appropriate” boundaries? Not every 18-year old is the same and neither is an 80-year old.

Some hit puberty way too early, while others are late bloomers. Some are born an old spirit, while others always remain young at heart. It might work for someone to get married at 21, but for another it might not make sense till late thirties. Lucky few find their true calling in life early on; others spend their whole lives on a journey of self-discovery.

Since when did it become such a competition that turned blissful living into a rat race of reaching pre-defined milestones as you hit a certain number.


We all are born unique with a journey of our own and we should embark on it at our own pace, enjoying all the views it has to offer. If someone else gets ahead and views much more than us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve won the race. Who knows if they rushed through it and missed out on something that you were able to gain from.

We all have a different perspective towards life and different destinations in mind. Age shouldn’t stop¬†us from living our lives our way, on our own terms. Going back to school, getting married, having children, landing¬†your dream job, moving out of your parents house or buying your own place are all personal choices. Rushing into making these choices will never end well, as it’s all about the timing. Only the timing has to be right, and not the age, to cross these milestones.

No one has the right or power to make you feel like a failure. It’s all in your head!¬†I’ll keep on telling that to myself, faking it till I finally make it too.

The “Geek” side of healthy living …

“Finding my fitness cult …”¬†Capture

So I’m amongst the 4.6 million people in Canada ¬†who are fitness freaks in their own ‘so-called’ ways. Interesting! Do I join the believers or the atheists among them? Oh yes, this hot topic is (almost)¬†a religion of its kind —- whether you’re religious about working out or religiously moving your butt around or simply watching out for what makes its way inside your pie hole!

“I’ve got it, almost …”

photo (1)¬†I’m not even going to bother and add my voice¬†to the already ongoing ones¬†on the unrealistic¬†body images being portrayed by media. I think (and hope) the debate is making its way¬†in the right direction when it comes to shedding light on the bigger picture and skewing¬†people towards not questioning the skin they¬†were born in! Although, it wouldn’t hurt in being the best version of ourselves.

Ah-well, at the end of the day¬†it should be about choosing a wholesome¬†lifestyle over a lifestyle that’s dictated by numbers and sizes. After all, true happiness can never be measured! ~Saman S.

So, what do I see my kind of cult following and living by? 

Every little bit counts …Trust me!

1. You can definitely float through your day without that extra whip floating on top of your cup of coffee.

2. Live the sweet life! Maybe by cutting down in half the actual spoonfuls of sugar you prefer. Honey sweetens the deal too, in a much more healthier way.

3. No, those lean meals and everything in between with diet flashing¬†on it is not helping much and just playing tricks with your mind! Moderation is the key! Eat the real deal, just half of what you’re tempted to hog.

4. Making your fat cry will be the only time you’ll be hit back with good karma! Just move your body around as much as you’d hate to!

5. Go old school and forget about elevators and escalators. The stairs still exist!

6. Trick your mind to your benefit! Go large on your meal portions in just a much smaller plate or bowl.

So simply put, you don’t have to turn your life around 360 degrees to feel like you truly a part of the 4.6 million who care about fitness and wellness. You certainly don’t have to fit any dimensions either, as we’re all built differently and beautiful in our own unique way. It all comes down to¬†making conscious choices on a daily basis about the way we want to treat our bodies. Then before we even know it, we’ve already chosen and build ourselves a healthier lifestyle!

If you agree, let’s get this cult rolling! I know there’s more of me out there, so how about we go big on this list I’ve started and add more of the tiniest of bits that’ll get us going on the road to wholesomeness!¬†


Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable. ~ David Augsburger

Let’s face it, we choose Public Relations (like me) or any other communications profession as we simply know we’re born to be heard, and every single moment of it will be a true testament to us being and feeling alive. Conceited much? Not unless you know your game! Just like it’s a must¬†to know your audience¬†before devising any marketing plan, you need to look for such a community where being heard will make a tremendous difference in your life¬†and every moment of your journey will count for something. I don’t know about you but I’ve finally found my voice with IABC Manitoba (

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

I know, I know! You’re thinking just another typical post to get us to become members of an association by paying an exorbitant¬†amount of money. What good can it possibly do you? You’re right, none! You know why? IABC¬†simply asks you to do yourself as much good as possible by tapping into its treasure of professional resources and creating our own possibilities. So if you expect IABC to do everything¬†for you, then maybe you’re better off liking¬†the sound of your own voice.

Being a student (and that too an International one) of PR at UW Pace, I can’t stress enough on how much I hope to gain from my association with IABC Manitoba. Since we don’t like exploring much for info, so I’ll try to lay¬†down the crux of it (

It is all about the 3Cs!


Access to fresh from the oven insights and case studies, in printed and electronic publications (, will keep you on top of your game.

Got a knack for writing and believe that contribution is king?¬†Share it where it’ll make you get heard —-Student Connection (


With international communication experts acting as your mentors, you’re bound to get ahead of the rest in the job market! Its Career Library and Job Centre ( is a¬†priceless tool that can land you the job of your dreams. You’ll always be the first one to know about what’s out there!


Engaging in a community of 16,000+ like-minded professionals from diverse industries will prepare you for the future in this industry like never before! Where else would you find such a global network that is instantly created for you.  All you have to do is reach out!


We all¬†might have our differences but when it comes to the culture of reaching new heights —-we’re not that different! We all cherish being heard but where we choose to do so, makes all the difference. I’m all ears, so let’s hear it from you …